Here's how a
Marketing & Sales Funnel Can Grow Your Business

A Sales Funnel is a series of webpages that direct your customer along the path that they need in order to get the result they want (ie your products or services)...

So let's say for example a customer wants to find a builder, they would

  1. 1
    Likely see some online traffic (an advert for example) about building work (Image, video or text)
  2. 2
    Click the link to find out more
  3. 3
    End up on a sales page with a free download of some kind (Lead Magnet such as a free guide / report, etc)
  4. 4
    Then be redirected to an offer of some kind (a one time offer or an upsell, or an appointment)
  5. 5
    Those that don’t buy get retargeted adverts, or emailed in a sequence of emails
  6. 6
    They could even receive a follow up phone call with a view to getting that appointment booked
  7. 7
    Every future contact is designed to
  • Build Credibility
  • Build trust
  • Add Value
  • Ask for the sale

And so We help you create





But Doesn't My Website Do That ?

Website Versus Sales Funnel

So in the past, most people in business bought a website, only, it didn't drive much traffic.  That's akin to buying a Ferrari and then refusing to put petrol in it.  Neither the website or the car will go anywhere.

And we see this mistake all the time, they have a wonderful looking website, but then … crickets.
 Nobody visits it.

We hear it time and time again ‘I’ve spent enough on my website already’.

And what you actually need is a Sales and Marketing tool, commonly known as a funnel.

Sales Funnel

  • A place for people to see how credible you are
  • Targeted Traffic
  • A designed conversion tool
  • All designed to sell the next step
  • Allows for business owners to follow up


  • A place for people to see how credible you are
  • Traffic is an afterthought / not targeted
  • conversion is ‘hoped for’ and not designed
  • Designed to look good, rather than actually work
  • HOPE they see the phone number and ring

Now there's a reason you're here and I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that you’re looking to grow your business through an increased online presence.

This can include things like…

  • Social Media Content
  • Facebook Ads
  • Downloadable documents to gather contact details
  • Follow up email sequences to warm up the prospects
  • A method of following up using a database of some kind
  • Perhaps going LIVE to show the more ‘human’ side
  • Even provide a follow up from our outbound sales team

and everything else in between.

Phew – it sounds exhausting just reading it.

Well the good news is that we can do the heavy lifting for you, and it needn’t cost you a fortune to do it !

So that’s the good news out of the way, let’s explain what most businesses need, and what to set up.   Ready ?

Then let’s begin....

Why most people fail on Facebook Ads and Marketing.

One of the biggest issues I see with businesses online is that almost immediately they jump to Facebook ads without actually knowing :

  • What they’re doing
  • What they want their customer to do next
  • What works and what doesn’t

Instead they chuck a whole bunch of cash at Facebook Ads, and then a month later having spent their entire budget, are no further forward.

Running a Facebook Ads campaign is more than just setting up some ads and clicking go.

It’s similar to Formula 1 racing.  Sure, there’s a racing driver....

Everybody focuses on the driver, but the driver is just one aspect of a whole team of people.

There are usually around 20 people on the team, and 60 (SIXTY!) people in the paddock when they’re racing!

That’s a big process, and right now, you probably feel like you’re the racing driver. 

Trying to do it all on your own.

And we know for a fact, that it’s just not possible to it effectively over a longer period of time.

You need a race track team behind you, people like us,  so that we can put you into a place where you just ‘do your thing’, while we do all of that heavy lifting.

So what should the process look like ?

Let's Start with the end in mind

During this process, we actually work backwards to find out what the customer actually wants.

So what is the result, or the product, or what is the problem they’re trying to solve ?

People only buy products to solve a problem, either from having a problem in their tummy, to weight loss, to even solving marketing problems, or for a new extension for their home. It can be anything.

People buy solutions.

So what is the solution your business offers that person.

Again it could be anything such as cleaning, or website design, or losing weight, or building extensions.

Knowing what the problem is they want to sold sounds obvious, and it is.

But most businesses go from placing a piece of content online straight to ‘Hey buy my stuff, it's awesome'.

And that doesn’t work. 

There is a process you must follow.

Learn to 'date' your clients (figuratively speaking!!)

Imagine for a second you find yourself single (and if you are single, perhaps we can help your dating game!)

Now, imagine you found someone on a dating app, and organised an actual date.

The LAST thing you should do on that date is tell them when and where you’re getting married, how many kids you’re having, what schools little Tarquin will be going to and when can you meet their parents.

If that was your date, you would have virtually zero chance of getting a second date.

So, the whole point of getting a date … is to get a second date.

The whole point of a second date ,… is to get a 3rd date.

And so on.

And it’s exactly the same with marketing.  

The whole point of getting someone to click on a piece of content, is to drive them to the next step, which may be to give them a free download (so in other words a landing page)

Once they’re on a landing page, you now need to sell the next step, which is to fill in their name and address so you can send them the download

Once they do that, what should the next step be ?

Engagement with the potential client

For some, it may be appropriate to then sell them something.  But for most businesses that’s not the case.

The next logical step for most businesses would be to try and get some form of engagement.

So it could be asking them to reply to an email, or if you have a phone number, to jump on the call and ask the client if they managed to download the document from the landing page or not.

And if you can get someone on a call, then, depending on the business, it makes sense at that point to diagnose their problem, to see how you can help.

Which finally leads to a Transaction

And that my friends, is where the transaction takes place.

You've built up enough rapport, you have enough trust, they know how you can specifically help them and now they WANT to buy.

Now, compare that exact set of processes with the one where you run a Facebook Ad to a product in the hope they sell online and you can see why most businesses are doing it wrong.

Automation Woes

Time and time again I hear people say “But I just want to automate the whole thing” .

And what ends up happening is that they end up trying to automate the very thing that needs NOT to be automated.

The ‘human touch’ aspect of the sale is vital.  Again it depends on your business, but most people want to speak to someone in this age of automation and computers.

Let me give you an example.  Recently, I’ve had a conversation with someone who owns a building firm.

What they wanted was a website that priced up the job on line to give them an online quote.

Sounds great doesn’t it.  Now the client has got their price, you’ve not had to do anything and everyone is happy.

Except they’re not.  Because they took that price and used it to compare other builders with.

Instead, if they had gotten to the ‘engagement’ stage – you could have built up that human touch, built rapport, booked a time to go out and measure up PROPERLY and build up more of a relationship.

You would be literally consulting now on their build project stood next to them pointing at where stuff should go and discussing it, instead of just being ‘quote number 5' in a long line of other builders.

And often, even if you're more expensive, you’ll win the business because THE PERSON LIKES YOU. They trust you. You've now moved from being 'a supplier', to a 'trusted advisor'.

Do not make the mistake of trying to automate everything you do.

So, What does the process look like?

Now obviously, what we've gone through here IS A LOT OF WORK !

And so no wonder businesses can’t get it right, not only do they need to know how to create all of this, they then have to put it together, and who has got time for that ?

But don't worry, help is here.

THIS is what we can do for you.

Take a look...

Social media content 

(Ads, content, video, etc)

landing page

downloadable offer


phone call

And Here’s what the entire process looks like in more detail

So knowing that this is how to run an online marketing campaign correctly, you have a few options :

1. You can do it yourself

It’s taken us years to learn how to get this right, and even now we don’t always get the results we want immediately, despite years of experience in the field.

But with the right amount of patience, and time to learn, you can begin to create your own downloadable documents or training courses, set up landing pages and run traffic to the them via Facebook.

2. Book a strategy call with us and let’s price up that work for you.  It's cheaper than you think!

The benefits of doing that are

  • At least you’ll know what the price is going to be
  • You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it actually can be
  • you’ll get advice directly from an expert funnel designers
  • And if we do work for you, you'll know that we have the graphic design team, video editing team, Facebook Ads Specialists and even a sales team to follow up calls with.